What do we say when we don’t talk? ‘Dancen’ is the result of brief, intimate encounters between 5 dancers in preparation at the future Pina Bausch Centre for a series of street performances in Wuppertal, Germany in Sept-Oct 2021.

Robert Bresson once wrote: "Shooting. Agony of making sure not to let slip any part of what I merely glimpse, of what I perhaps do not yet see and shall only later be able to see."

The film looks at the fleeting impulses that live in between moments of the day. Their precise quality is being situated between quiet habits, that is the space inhabited by yearning, daydreams, surrealism. What did you dream in between two blinks, how did the sun shine that day, what occupied your waiting at the red light, what did you fear that day, how did the pressure feel when you touched something?

How would a day look made of just the meaning in between the lines, the momentary glimpses of truth?

Corina Andrian

Corina Andrian (aka. Red-Cor) is an award-winning film director and movement artist currently based in London. She looks at life curiously experimenting with the very fabric of life by blending time and movement into a synaesthetic visual unity. She aspires to an ideal tangible cinema, where the digital becomes physical; to her, watching does not only involve seeing but a whole embodied intelligence.







Corina Andrian


Corina Andrian

key cast

Mariana Gavriciuc

Anastasia Grigore

George Pleșca

Beatrice Tudor

director of photography

Cătălin Rugină




Valentin Teodorescu

graphic design

Viorel Grigore


Corina Andrian