Is human dignity inviolable? In the garden room of the Cromford mansion, four dancers grapple with their understanding of dignity. Dressed in workers' overalls, they form a considerable contrast to the sumptuously furnished room, which was once facilitated by child labor in the 18th century. The diverse cultural origins of the dancers underline their different understanding of dignity and human rights.

The complexity of the topic is also supported with the help of fractal technology. For this, the dancers interact with a separate camera, which was placed directly in front of a monitor showing the filmed images. The inertia of the image transmission results in a time delay in the choreography and thus creates new approaches to movement. The result is a kaleidoscope as versatile as the understanding of dignity itself.

Nadja Görts

Nadja Görts studied musical theater and is currently a dance master student at the German Sport University Cologne, Germany. She has appeared in numerous dance performances, musicals, operettas and operas and is working as a choreographer at home and all over Europe. She is also a music theater educator for the German Rhine Opera. Her dance film debut DIGNITY won awards at international film festivals and the live adaptation premiered at Cromford Manor in April 2022. Nadja is currently working on a new performance dealing with the relationship between mother and daughter.






Director + Choreographer

Nadja Görts

Director + Director of photography

Jens Wirtzfeld


Friederike Günther

Ribwar Rostami

Isilay Özcay

Oana Moczulski

Executive Producer

Benedikt Görts

Line Producer

Tim Menzel

Video Installation

Thorben Winkler


Nico Dupon

Lennart Koch


Make-Up Design

Wiebke Amelung

Title Design

Dominika Zajac

Posproduction Supervisor

Jennifer Weitz