Meghann Michalsky was commissioned by Jobel Art for Earth as one of the four choreographers in Canada to make a dance film for their project Transformations. Michalsky created Haven, a film that researches and discusses renewable resources and climate change.

The film plays between past, present and future memories and experiences.

It questions: Why are we still here? Both now in the present time, but also in the future of mankind. In the film, the characters repeat this statement as they are trapped in a compound with the inability to go outside.

This is not our last word, but our last world
There’s still hope
To keep living
To have a future
To have a real future

Meghann Michalsky

Meghann Michalsky is a dance artist working in Alberta. She is the co-creator of Project InTandem and YYC Contemporary Technique Training, two programs that offer opportunities to emerging artists in Canada. She was awarded the 2019 RBC Emerging Artist Award at the Mayor’s Lunch for Arts Champions - she is the first Dancer/Choreographer to receive this award.

Since completing her BA in Contemporary Dance, with a concentration in Choreography and Performance, at the University of Calgary. She has rigorously pursued her dance technique training in Canada as well as in Israel, Portugal, Sweden, the U.K., the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium & Austria.

Her most recent choreographic works have been presented at Chutzpah Festival, Jeanne & Peter Lougheed Performing Arts Centre, Project InTandem, Fluid Festival, Stream of Dance Festival, Convergence & abroad in Finland. Her research starts with her trust in the body and investigating how bodily experiences are deeply embedded. She creates highly visceral works that combine intense musculature and athletic physicality. Her movement signature has been described as vigorous, raw, and intricate. Her knowledge of Hip-Hop and Krump movement principles has influenced her development of isolated, rhythmic, bound, and fast-twitch movement qualities into her contemporary choreographies.







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