LAVA starts where the crack opens wide, to drip drops of a liquid future. Reminding us of the forces of nature and its inherent movements of transformation. The real witches of daily life, besides fighting for their existence, are taking care of a large number of people. So does Earth to us. LAVA sheds light on the importance of taking care of the elements that constitute all living beings on Earth and beyond.

Filmed at locations in the state of Bahia, Brazil.

Marc Philipp Gabriel, Tizo All

Marc Philipp Gabriel and Tizo All are Berlin based performance artists. Their dance film SALTO (2020) was selected for film festivals in Germany, USA, Greece, Colombia, Russia and Taiwan and won Best Ecoperformance Award 2022 at the 2nd Ecoperformance Festival in Sao Paulo.

Tizo’s artistic work is a place of collision, meeting the individual and the collective simultaneously in his performance-based practice. Beeing a queer BIPOC also reflects in his artistic practice and the wish for social justice. In this practice the body as such takes an important role in the creative process, without leaving aside other forms in which art can be translated and transported to the viewer, looking to touch the intangible. He is interested to move what is between space our body and the galaxy.

Marc is working between body, voice, installation, video and architecture from the perspective of dance and movement. His work offers unconventional angles on social norms, contributing to the discourse of future models of how to be together on and with planet Earth. In 2019 he worked with the Portuguese dance company Dançando com a Diferença in the frame of his Pina Bausch Fellowship, during which the film SALTO was also born.







Marc Philipp Gabriel

Tizo All


Marc Philipp Gabriel

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Marize Alvez de Andrade

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Tizo All


Marc Philipp Gabriel


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