A journey.

In the darkness of night, in the quietness of forests, in the bowels of earth, seedbed of life. Manifesting her, an offering to her, guided by her. Mother, red, introverted one. She who transmutes, she who devours, mysterious womb where everything reborns.

Egg, blood, fecund flower. Trine, eternal, intertwined. Mother, mother, oh wild sprout.

She's the intensity of reality. In inner battles, she comes to fight. Within the heart, with shining weapons, aiming sharp. Come mother, come pacify.

Barbara Malavoglia, Bianca Turner

Barbara Malavoglia is a dance artist from Brazil. She works with creation, indian classical dance (bharatanatyam) and yoga. She currently interweaves and shares these universes in her workshops “Vitality Practices - body paths for dance” and in the creation of works like Matakala, Abracavala and Asa. Barbara dances as war, prayer, celebration and medicine.

Bianca Turner is an artist, currently working on installations, actions and audiovisual interventions, developing video projection and video mapping for theater, performance, music and dance, always inspired by the subjectivity of memory and timelessness. She explores the documentation of the ephemeral, the immaterial of an object or a place; the invisible, the subjective and the unspeakable.







Barbara Malavoglia

Bianca Turner


Barbara Malavoglia

Bianca Turner

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Barbara Malavoglia


Azul Serra