Noticing your breath can alter the speed of a moment; slowing down time, shifting perspective and making space. We can take comfort in the cyclical constancy of breath, filling, restoring…emptying, releasing. This film is the first of a series of ten that guide viewers through a meditation practice with dance films as the focal point.

Deanna Witwer

Deanna Witwer is the Artistic Director of Calgary-based contemporary dance company Corps Bara Dance Theatre. As a choreographer, performer, writer and director she is committed to facilitating rich, formative experiences through intentional engagement of the whole person in creation.

Witwer holds a BA in Dance from the University of Calgary, collaborative with Kinesiology and specializing in performance and choreography. Witwer spent two formational years training in Brussels, Belgium, where she had the opportunity to study extensively under David Zambrano (Flying Low technique), Peter Jasko, Sun Xiao Jun and Dominique Duszynski, among many others after attending ImPulsTanz International Dance Festival in Vienna in 2011.

As a teacher, Witwer’s work draws heavily on David Zambrano's Flying Low technique and Davida Monk’s principles of release and functional technique, focussing on a reciprocal relationship with the floor, harnessing power by releasing the joints and directing force through the body efficiently and dynamically.

Highlights of her career include producing and directing Resonant Soul, a series of ten dance meditation films, choreographing and directing Facing the Light, an evening-length theatre performance, performing as a Corps Bara company member for ten years and with company kloetzel&co for four, as well as presenting and performing work in New York City’s and Calgary's Project Dance, Calgary’s Alberta Dance Festival and a commission to choreograph for the University of Calgary’s dance majors.







Deanna Witwer

Key Cast

Taylor Ritchie

Key Cast

Reese Wilson


Beth Durnie

Composer + Sound Design

Steve Dierkens

Cinematography + Editor

Tim Nguyen