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Maddy Faunt, Sarah Vander Ploeg

Maddy Faunt is an aspiring Calgary-based dance artist, dance anthropologist, performer, choreographer, and dance filmmaker. She is currently a fourth-year student at the University of Calgary, pursuing both a BFA in Dance and a BA in Social and Cultural Anthropology. Her performance experiences are numerous, including performing in Dance at Night, choreographed by Michaella Haynes, Dance at Noon, choreographed by Emily Losier, Mainstage 2020, choreographed by Marie France Forcier, and in the interdisciplinary production, “The Fairy Queen”, choreographed by oh Melanie Kloetzle. Maddy is dedicated to exploring her never-ending passion for society and culture in dance and performance.

Sarah Vander Ploeg was born and raised in Calgary, Alberta and is a dance artist, performer, choreographer, and visual artist. She has been training in dance since the age of 6 and has graduated with a BFA in dance from The University of Calgary (2022). Throughout the years, she has grown her love for dancing and creating. This burning passion has opened new opportunities for Sarah. These opportunities include working as an independent artist, a commissioning artist and being able to collaborate and create with fellow artists. She has had the unique opportunity to perform with the Moscow Ballet. Other performance opportunities throughout her undergraduate degree include Mainstage 2019 with Melissa Monteros and Mainstage 2022 with Christianne Ullkmark, Dance@Night and Dance@Noon. Sarah continues her artistic work with a fiery passion for dancing, performing, and creating, as she is emerging into the artist you see today.







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