A young woman is perfectly fitting into a perfect society, with a perfect job, a perfect body & perfect healthy habits. But is it?

Insidious and invisible pressure is all around her, fed by constant expectations and judgement from a standard-based society... A world where the "normalisation tyranny" rules, where the "acceptable social attitude" is a meme behaviour and the "abiding contentment" becomes the only way to fit in that perfect setup.

In such a system, one can only go as far as self-delusion and endurance can. And when the tipping point has been reached, resilience is defeated, no more can be taken in... and the social-self starts to conflict with the true-self.

Bugs & glitches happen, opening a breach into a self-imposed delusional image of reality. Emotions and memories, overcharged with the energy of an accumulated silent despair, suddenly explode in a deeply gutted rejection of oppression: Rage. That rage, out-raged, free, creative, unstoppable, is spreading through time and space as a self-liberating, self-healing wave leading to the most intuitive, explosive and personal expression of all: A simple and yet powerful displacement of air coming deep from within, a scream.

But that scream stays silent for a society that doesn’t care about it, doesn't need it, and does not even conceive it might exist inside its blind and deaf perfection.

Silent rage takes place everywhere, every day. But can we still hear it? and what if we don't?

Sebastien Goyon

Sebastien started his professional career as a ballet dancer working for over 10 years with well known institutions such as Ballets de Monte Carlo, Ballet National de Nancy, Deutsche Oper Berlin, Béjart Ballet Lausanne, and participated to many Theatre, Dance, Music video and Film projects as a guest artist both as a dancer and as an actor.

Always eager to learn new things and develop new skills he also studied photography, filmmaking, social sciences, politics and communication while nurturing his passion for neuroscience and body-mind relationship exploration.

At 30, he entered a new chapter of his life by working as a Film Director, Photographer and Creative Director in the Advertising and Communication industries for several high profile Brands and agencies. He then decided to explore further and work worldwide wherever it was possible for him to join challenging and unusual projects.

He now leaves and work in Switzerland, where he directed a communication, consulting and film production agency for 8 years, participated in many social & educational projects linked to cinema, before integrating an International Sport Federation in 2019.







Sebastien Goyon


Sebastien Goyon


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