Five bodies explore the debris of an abandoned early 20th century Theater in the heart of Latin America. The Variedades Theater, once a cultural gem now lives in disguise in front of the busiest street of Panama City. It was once meant for prestigious live performance, and as decades flew by it became a cinema, later a porn cinema, until its oblivion. Few locals know of its history and current state, but choreographer Marlyn Attie’s curiosity brought her to rediscover the unusual spaces of this theater with her dancers and collaborators. Join us on revisiting the magic of a theater’s essence through movement and cinematic nostalgia.

Marlyn Attie, Mauro Colombo

As a choreographer and director, Marlyn is characterized by a collaborative and experimental style, where performers, artists and professionals from other disciplines, contribute to the creative process, enriching it and expanding the possibilities of dance expression. Since 2016 she has created original pieces, which have been presented in various settings, countries and festivals, and which reflect her creative and innovative concern, obtaining recognition and distinctions for them. As co-director of Fundación Espacio Creativo (FEC), she has received creation funds from institutions such as the Ministry of Culture of Panama, the Embassy of the United States in Panama, Iberescena, the Inter-American Development Bank, among others.







Marlyn Attie

Mauro Colombo


Carla Morely

Key Cast "Dancer"

Joameth Manzane

Jonathan Valdivieso

Jaime Ruiz

Adrian Morales

Ida Maria Obediente