The unseen existence may be intangible to some individuals, yet they could be distinctly visible to others. Each person has their own secrets that are almost impossible to ignore, including fears, weaknesses, pasts, lies, regrets, and sins. The more one attempts to forget, the more they highlight the presence of it in their own world. Consciousness and shamefulness are the primary causes that irritate one’s attention to those matters; individuals are aware of the unseen existence, and they strive to conceal their secrets from both their own and others’ sights. Unless a new approach to the secrets is achieved, the act of burying would only proceed in a cycle with the accumulated weight of pain on one’s shoulders.

Lavender Wong

Born and raised in Hong Kong, Lavender Wong started training in Chinese Classical Dance and is currently continuing her study of dance in Calgary. A desire to merge dance with the camera and film field had motivated her to pursue a BA in Dance at the University of Calgary, with a concentration in Dance Production. As a student. Lavender seeks for opportunities to showcase her works of movement from the lens of a camera, while gaining practical experience through its creation.







Lavender Wong

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Lavender Wong