We are never getting what we want. We are never happy with what we get. ‘You Wanted Rivers’ is a dance film about desires that wear us down, that make us follow risky paths and that keep us forever thirsty and forever blind. These disastrous desires not only destroy us from the inside but also everything that surrounds us, nature, the planet. The constant need for accumulating goods and our aggressive expansion devastate the living world, leading to ecological collapse. The dancers explore and build the quality of their movement based on their relationship with raw and desolated landscapes. The physical fatigue that is building up, the harsh sun, hot sands, sharp stones - everything that causes discomfort helps them blend in and experience everything through their bodies.

Magdalena Zielinska

A graduate of the University of The Arts in London. Director of short films and commercials, movement director, former contemporary dancer. Magdalena directed music videos and short films, of which many were shown and awarded at festivals in Poland and abroad including: SXSW, Miami Short Film Festival, PL Music Video Awards. Her credits include commercials and branded content for brands such as: Adidas, Pepsi, MasterCard, Client Earth. Her openness, energy and great passion for working with people translate into her direct contact with actors and film crew members. Her dance background and experience in working with the body is an important, and distinguishing her from other directors, tool that allows her to work with the actor and his emotions in an organic way.







Magdalena Zielinska

Key Cast

Anita Sawicka

Piotr Abramowicz

Director of Photography

Mateusz Kanownik


Mateusz Kanownik

Magdalena Zielinska

Sound Designer

Wojciech Pawluczuk


Piotr Putko