"Prey" is an experimental short dance film that explores the animalistic side of humanity. As a society we are described as one human population, however when looking in real time, this is not what we see today. Debating is naturally ingrained in society but often is only focused on political matters. However, this can happen in everyday experiences, almost every social, environmental or economic, this power struggle continues to be a pillar root of society, throughout several countries around the globe. To symbolise this never ending conflict in human nature I have selected the use of predator vs prey. We are divided into two sides. I wanted to show through this film the experience and point of view as the prey.

Sierra Oszust, Jaime Stock

Sierra Oszust is a first time student film-maker, currently studying at the University of Calgary to receive her BFA in Dance in the year 2024. As she begins to make a name for herself and her work, Sierra uses consent inspiration of the human body as an instrument and all that accompanies it. This consent theme is seen throughout all work and continues to be a statement and exploration expressed through movement and film.







Sierra Oszust

Jaime Stock

key cast

Claire Winther