Seen investigates the ways in which the realization, acknowledgment, and acceptance of being observed by others affects how we show up within our physical bodies. It explores ideas about autonomy of the body, and its use as a source of power, liberation, and authentic connection to our psyche. For this creation, Ashley collaborated with local Calgary artists, filmmaker R. Arran Brownlee and musician Lucien Lahey.

Ashley Mae Johnston

Ashley Mae Johnston is an emerging contemporary dance artist based in Calgary, Alberta. She has received training in Graham Technique at the School of Toronto Dance Theatre and the Martha Graham School of Contemporary Dance, received a minor in dance at the University of Calgary, and is enjoying her current training with YYC Contemporary Technique. She has performed for Theatre Calgary's Reignite the Stage, Dancers’ Studio West Quick and Dirty Festival and self-produced and choreographed "Sinew" which was presented at the Dark Arts Restaurant and Drink, in partnership with Cindy Ansah. Other choreographers she's worked with include Melissa Monteros, Wojtek Mochniej, Kyra Newton, Cindy Ansah and Untold Physical Theatre. She enjoys collaborative and interdisciplinary creative processes that allow her to expand her curiosities, leading her to dance in Kyle McKearney's music video "Sweet Summer Rain" in collaboration with visual artist Kale Barr, and create the film “Seen” created in collaboration with filmmaker R. Arran Brownlee and musician Lucien Lahey. Following the completion of the Peggy Baker Dance Projects Action Lab for Choreographic Development, the Dancers’ Studio West Creative Intensive and the Decidedly Jazz Danceworks Creative Residency Program, Ashley is currently focusing on improving her choreographic skillset and developing her artistic voice through screen dance and live performance.







Ashley Mae Johnston


Ashley Mae Johnston

Key Cast

Ashley Mae Johnston

Camera + Editing

R. Arran Brownlee

Editing + Colour Correcting

Annette Stephens

Second Camera

Alyssa Maturino

Music Composition

Lucien Lahey

Music Mastering

Lorrie Matheson


Brandon de la Cruz

Production Assistant

Stephanie Johnston