“Posidonies” is a dace film conceived by dance maker Evie Demetriou and underwater lover Antis Iakovou. Posidonies is borrowed from the Greek translation of the word Posidonia (plural).

Through a poetic lense and inspired by the notion that pocedonia oceanica is the lung of the mediterannean sea, the film uncovers two parallel stories in which the one affects the other.
The first story is about the beauty, movement and symbolic breathing of posidonia oceanica which is distracted and becomes a naked underwater surface. (Filmings after the cutting of posidonia in Ancient Kourion area in Limassol are used, shared by marine biologists in Cyprus).

Parallel to the story of posidonia oceanica the story of a woman unfolds. The woman, who symbolically breaths underwater embodies the movement of posidonia. When posidonia is ruined, she is also suffering, runs to escape until she is suffocated (from the distraction.)

The two parallel worlds are connected through imagery, movement and abstraction to highlight in a symbolic way the importance of the underwater world to humanity.


Director Biography – Antis Iakovou, Evie Demetriou

Antis IakovouGraduated with Beng Mechanical Engineer from the University of Warwick, UK. He worked in the fileds of Environmental Cetrifications (Green Globe) and management of wind parks development (Wind Vision). Lately he is interested in a more sustainable development of the city of Limassol and therefore he designs and restores listed buildings. Artistically he collaborates in the last six years with choreographer Evie Demetriou as a creative collaborator and technical coordinator in the making and touring of the works. Together they also collaborated in a series of video dances screened in Cyprus, France and the USA. Recently his passion for the underwater world initiated two short underwater films in which he co-directed and filmed

Evie Demetriou Evie is a dance maker and a performer based in Cyprus. Her work can be characterised by the desire to question the role of the person in society while challenging the boundaries of conventional dance. Through a multidisciplinary approach of dance, theatre, performance and video art Evie’s work focuses on the role of the person in society posing questions about the environment, social stereotypes and gender. Her main focus, to communicate her research with the audience, brings to her work intimacy, humor, interactivity with the audience, and bold but different approaches to her work every time. She studied dance at Trinity Laban Centre Conservatoire of Music and Dance in London and with scholarship at Limon Institute in New York. She is a 2004 Danceweb scholarship recipient (Impulstanz Festival) and a travel grant recipient from the E-motional European Program 2011-2014. She was an invited artist at “Act Your Age” program, a European collaboration between Centro per la Scena Contemporanea (Italy), Dutch Dance Festival (Holland) and Dance House Lemesos (Cyprus). Her staged works are performed in various venues in Cyprus and were invited in international festivals in Italy, Latvia, Romania, Sweden, Germany, Ireland, Greece, Croatia, Lithuania, Spain, Iceland, Turkey and Kenya. She has co-created the videodances “Pallas” and “on the brick” and she collaborated with Lucy Cash for the video installation “My mountain” exhibited at Centre of Evagoras Lanitis in Limasssol, Cyprus and Jan Van Eyck Academie in Maastricht, Holland. In the past two years she experimented with underwater filming and collaborated with Antis Iakovou for the making and performance of two short underwater films “the day I jumped” and “posidonies”. She has contributed in the development of contemporary dance in Cyprus, as one of the founding members of the Dance House Lemesos and a member of New Movement of Dance Groups, Choreographers & Dancers.







Antis Iakovou,
Evie Demetriou

concept / director of photography / filming

Antis Iakovou

Choreography / performance

Evie Demetriou

Editing / Sound Design

Emilios Avraam

Additional Filming (Dead posidonia)



En Drasi 2022