Shared Canvas

Dance and painting – two art forms meet in Shared Canvas. In a collaborative process dancer/choreographer Jonas Frey and painter/actor Cédric Pintarelli create a painting. Their common space transforms into an atelier and a dance studio in which the art forms merge together. While the movements of painting become visible as dance, the dance is captured in the paintings.


Director Biography – Aleksej Nutz

Aleksej Nutz is a videographer & filmmaker based in Stuttgart, Germany. He finds his inspiration for films in literature, art and of course, other films. Influenced by Hermann Hesse, Erich Fromm, Hannah Arendt, Andrei Tarkovsky and many more, his main subject is all about humanity and the question of how to be connected with oneself, with other people and nature. In his work he asks about self perception and personal development. The things we want and what we actually need.

After graduating from the University of Education in Ludwigsburg, Aleksej worked as a Video journalist for a local TV-Station. Then he went abroad to organize educational camps for children and young people in Romania. Returning to Germany after two years, Aleksej has focused on his work as a freelancer and Educational Consultant.

Together with Johannes Frick (actor, singer and performance artist) he shot a short video, called „ I WANT“ in 2016. It´s an adaptation of a monologue, written by Falk Richter for the play „Citta Del Vaticano“, which premiered at the Schauspielhaus Wien.

He made his film debut with his first poetic shortfilm “INTERIOR” in 2020 at the Cadence Video Poetry Film Festival in Seattle.







Aleksej Nutz

Key Cast

Jonas Frey,
Cédric Pintarelli


Danijel „Sonderskooler“ Lokas