The 2022 International Jury Members consisted of
  Marlene Miller
  Krzysztof Solek
  Wojciech Mochniej

Category: Best of the Festival
Recipient: Amani by Alliah Fafin (Canada)

Category: Overall Achievement
Recipient: You Wanted Rivers by Magdalena Zielinska (Poland)

Category: Original Concept
Recipient: Neon Phantom by Leonardo Martinelli

Category: Eyes Wide Open
Recipient: Becoming Unlimited by Lisa Doolittle (Canada)

Category: Special Mention
Recipient: Variedades by Marlyn Attie + Mauro Colombo (Panama)

Category: Best Documentary
Recipient: Dancer's Calling by Clément Godet (France)

Category: Achievement in Cinematography
Recipient: Due North by Chantal Caron (Canada)

Category: Achievement in Editing
Recipient: Future Futures - Series by Brian J. Johnson (Canada)

Category: Student Film
Recipient: Abbiosis by Lucía García (Spain)
Special Mention: You Didn't See It by Lavender Wong (Canada)

Category: 60 Seconds of Glory (Short Film)
Recipients: Show-Her by Sarah Vander Ploeg + Maddy Faunt (Canada) & Prey by Sierra Oszust + Jamie Stock (Canada)